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Your color opinions

It's been a while since I have "matured" a tabletop idea covered with mosaics.

It was an old table recovered covered with a very ugly faience in the tones ocher and mustard.

I repainted it in white and I decided to paste mosaics of different kinds in column, inspired by a photo on a book.

I spent a good time at the store to choose my colors then several good times to upset my whole layout.

Finally I left on a gradient.

I show you what I already pasted: (it lacks 2 violet mosaics downstairs but I will return to buy them)

Then I show you my ideas for the next: from left to right:
The dark gray and dark turquoise squares will be broken to be mixed perhaps as a serpentine;
The clear turquoise squares are surrounded by white triangles and dark blue micro-mosaics,
The gray diamonds are in fact mirrors.

2 questions requiring various informed opinions, inspired, passionate, etc:

- there will remain the place of a column and I do not know what color to put nor where to place it before paste the rest: another tone of blue or green?

- in my mosaics dark gray and turquoise dark broken I will add a 3rd or even a 4th color to break and mix with but what?

I voluntarily removed the yellow color that could not find its place (my wall is very light salmon)

Last picture to see the entire table but the layout of the board was still in the testing stage at that time.

Go and make your creative imagination work!

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